I just knew I had a yearning. A desire deep down in my blood, to my core! A warmth and tingle every time I saw a boy I was attracted to – and there were plenty! Rock stars, actors and local boys – so many got my blood pumping, heart racing, wet between my legs, stomach cramping desire going crazy! I’d go crazy for Michael Jackson, JPY, DLR, Suzi Quattro, Stevie Nicks – ok so girls get me hot too – no labels if I’m attracted to someone I don’t care age, sex, gender, race, count me in! But a big hard throbbing meat injection was definitely my main objective!

I used to lay in my bed and imagine what it would be like to have sex. To feel that passion! Warm breath on you, soft lips kissing hard, skin on skin, tongues wet and parting each other’s lips! 

Oh how I wanted to know what it was like – sex! Fucking! Making love! Rooting! Screwing! God I couldn’t wait!!!

I’d seen those romantic movies and I’d seen porn! Damn it looked so fucking good I had to try it! I wanted to feel a hard cock push into the wetness of my tight virgin pussy! Did it hurt the first time? Maybe it would but all those girls looked like they were loving it – I had to try! I needed to know! I wanted to orgasm like that not on my own masterbating all the time. I wanted the real thing!!! 

Only problem was my boyfriend at the time wouldn’t – yes WOULDN’T – have sex with me! He was 18 and I was 15 – not yet of legal age – so being the good gentleman that he was he declined my invitation to take my virginity. So I set about dropping his ass and finding someone who would do the deed!

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