Let’s talk about sex

That bumpin, grindin, hot, sweaty, wet, down and dirty, lusty fucking! Backseats, panelvans, elevators, trains, park bench, beach – yeah those “I can’t fucking wait we’re gonna do it right here” get your rocks off and cum all over your cock, mouth, fingers, dildo, champagne bottle sex!

Buy me roses, treat me like a queen, massage, scented sheets, sweep me off my feet, sweet caresses, kiss my body, hold me passionately, make love to me gently, slowly, lovingly until I surrender to you, cumming in waves of ecstasy sex!

Pound me, hurt me, choke me, tie me up, whip me, bite me, pull my hair, slap me, spit on me, in me, tongue me, fuck me, fist me, anally, orally, vaginally, impale me, ride me, gag me, cuff me until I beg you to stop sex!

Whatever type of sex you are into and hell I know I mix it up depending on my mood and who I’m with, we can discuss it all! I want to know what you love to do. What floats your boat? What makes you cum harder than anything? What makes you squirt, makes your toes curl, makes you scream in fucking ecstasy? What makes you have multiple orgasms or what is preventing you from a fulfilling sex life?

Seriously babes the scope is endless to what gets us off and as far as I’m concerned as long as it’s between consenting adults, or just yourself, hell knock yourself out!