I’m so over the inequality between women and men! I’m over inequality period!!! Between the sexes, races, genders…. Really are we all that shallow that we cannot realise that we are all the same? We all bleed & we all love & we all hurt the same! Regardless of sex, race, age, gender, religion – we are all part of this beautiful world and it’s time we started  loving one another and this planet we live on!

Back to my first post regarding the fact that men fuck around and they’re patted on the back. Called a stud & high fived all around! 

Women do the same and we are whores or sluts! I really am sick of labels! If it’s right for one sex then it’s fine for the other. Hell let’s face it – if you are doing anything that’s consensual between adults then fuck anyone that doesn’t agree with you. 

What is wrong with adults doing whatever they want as long as they aren’t harming anyone else? I do not understand this big brother bullshit we have going on in this country? You realise Australia was behind NZ in legalizing equal rights in marriage? Seriously??? The patriarchy is rife in this country!

We all belong to the same race – the human race – its time we remembered that!

I was labeled a slut right back when I was 16 years old! A slut hahaha! I’d slept with 2 guys wowwwww! What a whore – seriously! I was shunned by my friends. No one would talk to me. I was locked out! And women are the worst! The way we treat each other is shameful. Whatever happened to the sisterhood? I think I need a chapter on that too.

In the end the guys in my neighbourhood started coming by. See guys get over shit. Girls are cunts and hold everything against you – they don’t even try and learn the truth! Rumour is the worst. We’ve all heard of Chinese whispers and chicks are the best at spreading that shit! 

Sometimes I wish I had a dick just to see what it was like. The power, the orgasm, to shove my cock in some bitches throat and blow my load without consequence! Hey I’m a guy, I don’t get pregnant, I blow and I’m happy! Roll over and go to sleep! 

What you didn’t cum? But we fucked for 10 minutes hahahaha!

Yeah well there’s another million blog posts right there 💋

My 20th Birthday.


  1. Michael · August 19, 2020

    Thank you for this article and I totally agree that there is a double standard with males and females when it comes to expression of sexuality. Guys get applauded and women get scorned which I feel leads to toxic masculinity and behaviours of men that are less discerning especially towards women and society as a whole.


    • Leesa Gray-Pitt · August 19, 2020

      Thanks Michael! It’s always great to hear a males perspective on these issues. Men tend to label women as sluts when they’re promiscuous but I find women are worse at scorning their sisters! Either way, we should all be free to fuck whoever we want when we want as long as it’s between consenting adults no one should give a fuck haha! Personally I’m trying to reclaim the term SLUT and make it mean a Sexually Liberated Ultimate Transcendent! Let’s see how that takes off ❤️


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