Desire II

A Cherry Ripe for the Plucking –

So where was I to find a guy to taste the ripeness of my cherry?

All the boys I knew had girlfriends

I was in such a hurry to lose my virginity I didn’t care who did it! I was introduced to a guy called Dave who was eager to do the task. He wasn’t a very good looking guy but he had a panel van and lived in a caravan at the back of his parents place – sounded good to me haha! 

I remember laying there naked on the bed in his caravan, he climbed on top and started pushing his hard cock inside me. It hurt but I persisted waiting for that all important climax – that passion and erotic beauty I saw on film – but it was all over in a matter of minutes! I was left sore and bleeding and wondering what the hell had happened? 

Where were the fireworks? The fantastic orgasm?? I knew I could cum, after all I’d done it many times on my own with fantastic results!

I had sex with Dave many times with similar results – nothing! Sure it felt good at times but that was about it! Was I missing something? Turns out I was! Sex just isn’t about the act. It’s about feeling a connection with someone. At the very least being attracted to the person you’re fucking! Feeling that heart beating rush of lust when someone you’re attracted to walks through the door. Your pussy throbbing and wet at the thought of what could be……

And that is what I should’ve waited for my friends. Why had I been in such a rush to lose my virginity?  If I could talk to the 15 year old me, I would tell her to wait! Wait until you find someone you’re attracted to. Someone who will take the time to kiss you right! To make you feel good! To make you feel beautiful and desirable – then you’ll know it’s the right time to offer yourself and give in to those animalistic urges – give in to lust!

So my advice to anyone out there that just wants to get it “done with” Don’t! Please Wait! Because there’s someone better and you’ll know when it’s right. And I’m not even talking about love. Coz you can have a whole lot of great sex without love. I’m just talking about a connection of some sort – lust, attraction, passion – then its game on!

Kiss My ASS

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