The neighbourhood I grew up in was full of boys! Being the eldest and the only girl in my family, having 2 younger brothers, I was used to dealing with testosterone filled males! Honestly I think I do have some rather male traits including great map reading, good at math and being able separate sex and love haha! Something I discovered many woman can’t do! Maybe a little gender bias but an honest observation. My mother was absolutely hopeless – no sense of direction at all she would get lost finding her car in the car park! But I digress…….

I loved playing with their train sets and car racing more than my stupid dolls.

Anyway I grew up in a predominantly male area. There were no girls to go and hang with so I hung with the boys.

There were 3 brothers who lived up the road and we used to play kiss chasey & truth or dare even cowboys and Indians with those guys. I’m really not sure how old I was but I was definitely under 10 and I had a huge crush on the middle boy – Colin! We used to play doctors and nurses, him and I. We would sneak into the cubby house and pretend to fix each other haha. We must’ve known it wasn’t quiet right to be looking at each other’s bits because we always did it in hiding, Scared to get caught with our pants down. Maybe that’s why the thrill of maybe getting caught is so exciting and adds to the pleasure of sexual exploits – that adrenaline rush……

As we grew older we did steal a few simple kisses – no huge pashes or anything (not even any tongue) but my heart used to quicken when I saw him and that sick feeling and realization of something new & strange stirring in my stomach and loins.

Oh the innocence and joy of those summer days and nights. Before life got complicated and all you had to worry about was getting home quickly when the street lights went on so as not to get into trouble.

No mobile phones!

No internet!

Just young bodies blossoming and pumping with hormones…..

Me and my brother circa 1972

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