I started this blog back in 2017 and got some great feedback. I ended up stoping to concentrate on my art because I really needed my art to survive this journey called life!

My daughter had died of cancer at age 20 in March 2016 and I was, and still am, struggling. Though my days are so much better 4 years on, no time can heal the loss of someone you love with all your heart especially one that you have known since before they were born. I suffered some major breakdowns and needed to concentrate on myself and my beautiful children who needed me.

So 3 years on since I started my blog and so much has happened in my life propelling me forward. I know this is due to my beautiful guardian angels watching over me. My art sells all over the world – thank you to all my collectors. In 2019 I was accepted to an artist residency at Chateau Orquaveaux in France with other talented artists from all over the world, an experience of a lifetime that has changed me forever.

Currently studying my Master of Fine Art at RMIT, which is online in these crazy Covid19 times, my art is really coming into focus. Hell I’m a year 11 dropout and I’m at uni! Life is one crazy ride man! Pushing myself way out of my comfort zone and finding my way has shown me many artists I had never heard about. It has given me permission, allowed me to be who I am through my art and blog.

So through the lens of my personal experience we will take a journey through life, love, loads of sex and loss. It’s also a spiritual journey to awakening the divine Goddess – that bright light that burns in all of us that identify as femme.

Enjoy the ride….


  1. Suzanne · August 8, 2020

    Are you producing art in classes at university or is it all writing?


    • Leesa Gray-Pitt · August 9, 2020

      Yes babe tho not as much as I’d like. It’s a lot about reflection and where your art sits within contemporary arts practice and history, finding your language and how to talk about your practice. It’s full on haha for me anyway having never even finished year 11!


    • Leesa Gray-Pitt · August 9, 2020

      Have you checked out my other blog?


  2. Suzanne · August 9, 2020

    Thanks for sharing your MFA blog. It is good to see your art journey.
    I like using oil on linen, however it is more expensive than cotton canvas. In high school I studied art and most of the artists that I learnt about were male. Your studies of strong minded female artists is inspirational.

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    • Leesa Gray-Pitt · August 9, 2020

      Thanks! Yes I am looking forward to oil on linen and wood too but I’ll wait till post MFA I think haha!
      I go out of my way to find female artists of all genres. So many more to come as well as men x


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